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Hidden Smartphone Features: Samsung’s Secret Microphone

Discover the hidden features of top-tier smartphones, including inconspicuous external ports and sensors.

Unveiling one of Samsung’s best-kept secrets: a discreet camera-specific microphone present in every Samsung Galaxy phone since the Note 10 Plus.

In the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, a barely noticeable notch conceals an additional microphone, enhancing audio capture during Zoom video recording.

This hidden microphone is also present in the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus, previously positioned beneath the ultra-wide sensor.

Despite its omission from official documentation, users have stumbled upon this concealed microphone, prompting surprise and curiosity.

Samsung’s silence on the matter prompts speculation among users, with some questioning its absence from official specifications.

Contrary to its traditional role, this ‘microphone’ functions more like a sensor, possibly explaining its absence from official listings.

Hidden Smartphone Features: Samsung's Secret Microphone

Concerns about potential interference from phone cases on microphone functionality are dismissed by users, affirming its unaffected audio quality.

Similar camera-specific microphones are present in leading iPhones, although Samsung’s discreet design makes them harder to spot.

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