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LG’s Futuristic Transparent OLED TV Unveiled at CES 2024

LG showcased an impressive lineup of OLED TVs at CES 2024, including a unique transparent OLED TV named LG Signature OLED T, set to hit the market.

Unlike previous transparent TVs featured only as tech demos, LG assures that this transparent TV will be available for purchase. During a CES demo, I witnessed the LG Signature OLED T seamlessly integrated into shelves, showcasing a 77-inch clear panel at its core.

The design, typical of LG Signature OLED products, incorporates an unconventional set of shelves. However, LG hasn’t finalized how much shelving will be part of the final version. The TV boasts a clear panel housing pixels, with a box underneath containing a potent downward-firing speaker system and other concealed tech.

The LG Zero Connect box, similar to the one used in the LG M4 wireless OLED TV, eliminates the need for unsightly cables. It allows the transparent TV to transmit 4K HDR 120Hz video wirelessly, providing a clean and magical viewing experience.

Though the glass isn’t as clear as a window pane, LG creatively added light strips behind it, offering a stylized appearance and minimizing the slightly cloudy effect. Demos showcased stars twinkling in a 3D-like space, creating a captivating experience.

LG envisions inspiring original content tailored for transparent screens. A unique contrast-boosting layer, adjustable at the push of a button, enhances the viewing experience and is based on technology from the LG Signature R OLED rollable TV.

The contrast-boosting layer, concealed behind the OLED pixels, can be raised or lowered, resembling a layer of blackness. Even with this feature, the OLED panel’s brightness doesn’t match recent models, delivering more muted highlights but still exceptional contrast.

While LG offers other OLED TVs with superior image quality, the Signature OLED T focuses on its coolness factor, representing the epitome of tech status symbols. The pricing and release date for this 77-inch TV built into a shelving unit are yet to be disclosed, with a tentative release planned for 2024.

In action, the LG Signature OLED T impressed me, though I couldn’t help but imagine the missed opportunity of revealing a second OLED TV mounted behind the transparent one. Nonetheless, this TV stands out as a futuristic and visually stunning piece of technology. Stay tuned as we cover the latest CES updates, spanning 8K TVs, foldable displays, phones, laptops, smart home gadgets, and advancements in AI.

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