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Nissan Cybersecurity Incident: Swift Response and Vigilance Alert

Nissan, the prominent Japanese automaker, is currently probing a potential data breach. Customers are cautioned about suspicious emails and malware-laden messages.

As per a concise notice on Nissan Oceania websites, the Corporation and Financial Services in Australia and New Zealand encountered a “cyber incident.” This division manages distribution, marketing, sales, and services in these countries. Stay vigilant against potential scams.

Nissan Cybersecurity Incident: Swift Response and Vigilance Alert

Nissan’s Cybersecurity Incident: Swift Response and Customer Vigilance

No significant disruptions have been reported following a cybersecurity incident at Nissan. The company swiftly engaged its global incident response team to investigate and address the situation.

“Details about the incident are scarce,” stated the notification, emphasizing collaboration with relevant stakeholders and global incident response teams. Authorities like the Australian Cyber Security Centre and the New Zealand National Cyber Security Centre have been promptly informed.

While the extent of the incident remains uncertain, Nissan advises customers to stay vigilant. The company urges monitoring accounts for unusual activities, emphasizing proactive security measures.

The attack’s specifics, including its type and the identity of threat actors, were not disclosed. Although there are indications of a potential ransomware attack, normal system operations suggest otherwise. Nissan is diligently working to restore systems and promises updates on its websites.

BleepingComputer reports unaffected networks, ensuring normal vehicle and service inquiries. However, certain dealer systems may experience disruptions. Customers are directed to contact local Nissan dealers for vehicle and servicing queries.

In response to inquiries, Nissan Oceania assured of steps taken to protect systems and data. The company commits to providing additional information promptly. Stay tuned for updates on and

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