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PlayStation Pulse Explore Buying Guide: Options, Prices, and FAQs

PlayStation Pulse Explore Restock Update – December 17, 6.30 am ET / 12.30 am GMT

As of now, Pulse Explore earbuds are available on PlayStation Direct in the US. The stock has been steady since yesterday, but due to high demand, prompt action is advised. Alternatively, Best Buy and Amazon intermittently showcase available stocks, making it prudent to keep an eye on those links.

For UK residents, Amazon UK presently offers livestock at a discounted rate. This not only ensures accessibility but also provides cost savings. Additional stock is available at Currys, the EE store, and PS Direct. While Very and Game currently lack stock, periodic checks are still advisable.



  • PS Direct: $199.99


  • Amazon: from £190
  • Currys: £199
  • EE: £199.99
  • PS Direct: £199.99

Monitoring PlayStation Pulse Explore restocks has become an engaging sequel to the Portal restock challenges. Rest assured, we’re here to guide you in the right direction, whether you choose to try your luck with retailers or explore specific platforms.

Although the December 2023 release of the buds has arrived, their high demand during the pre-order phase has made finding Pulse Explore stock in the US nearly impossible. On the bright side, the UK boasts several retailers with readily available stock.

Many are eager to enhance their PlayStation 5 audio with top-notch gaming earbuds instead of larger headsets. However, securing Pulse Explore stock is akin to the ongoing quest for PlayStation Portal availability, involving constant checks and attempts at various retailers.

The Pulse Explore earbuds, equipped with planar magnetic drivers and AI-enhanced noise rejection, are shaping up to be an exciting holiday acquisition for PS5 enthusiasts. This offers a unique gaming audio experience. Those seeking PlayStation Portal restocks and owners of the new handhelds are likely to find the Portal and Explore buds to be an excellent combination.

Without further ado, below, we’ve compiled a list of reliable retailers worth checking for stock, with regular updates to this page.

Best Options for Purchasing PlayStation Pulse Explore in the UK

Currently, your prime choices in the US and UK to acquire PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds are listed here. Similar to our approach with the Portal, we commit to maintaining up-to-date links and regularly refreshing this page with the latest stock updates. Additionally, our price-finding technology below can swiftly provide you with instant links whenever needed.

USPlayStation Direct, Best Buy, Amazon
UKAmazon UK, Currys, EE, PS Direct

Ensuring you are well-informed about where to purchase these earbuds is our priority. Rely on us for timely updates and seamless access to essential links.

Alternatives to PlayStation Pulse Explore

If waiting for PlayStation Pulse Explore restocks isn’t your preference, or you seek a broader range, consider these alternatives. It’s important to note that only the Pulse Explore earbuds provide compatibility with the PlayStation Portal.

Alternative Options
1. Premium Gaming Earbuds
2. Immediate Availability
3. Diverse Compatibility

For top-tier gaming earbuds without the wait, explore these alternatives. Keep in mind, that only Pulse Explore earbuds pair seamlessly with the PlayStation Portal.

PlayStation Pulse Explore Buying Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the Pulse Explore earbuds?The PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds are priced at $199.99 / £199.99 and available for pre-order. Due to high demand, pre-order availability in the US may vary.
Do the Pulse Explore earbuds work with Bluetooth?Yes! While Bluetooth supports music and calls, PlayStation Link handles main gaming audio functions, connecting to PS5, PlayStation Portal, or PC (via dongle).

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