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Rumors Swirl: Canon Prepares for Major Camera Releases

Anticipation builds for Canon's next-gen EOS R models.

Canon has had a quiet year since May 2023 when it launched the Canon EOS R100, disappointing many. However, new rumors hint at an end to this silence with two upcoming EOS R camera releases, likely the Canon EOS R5 Mark II and the pro-friendly Canon EOS R1.

According to Canon Rumors, a notable leaker named ‘E8M_8888’ recently shared on Weibo that Canon has registered a new camera with a government agency, named ‘DS126928’, alongside an earlier ‘DS126922’ model spotted in February.

Both models feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth specs, indicating new EOS R cameras, typically registered before a launch. This suggests the Canon EOS R5 Mark II, as a full-frame successor to the popular Canon EOS R5, and a Canon EOS R1 flagship for sports photographers at the Paris 2024 Olympics, are the likely candidates.

Canon camera

Canon Rumors predicts both cameras will be announced “in some way by about mid-May.” However, the EOS R1 is expected to have a development announcement, available to pros before a full release in late 2024.

The more consumer-friendly EOS R5 Mark II is expected to hit shelves in “June or July,” with rumored features including a 45MP BSI CMOS full-frame sensor, a new DIGIC processor, and AI autofocus capabilities. Like the Nikon Z9 and Z8, it will reportedly feature electronic-only shooting, abandoning the mechanical shutter.

Canon’s Quest for Renewed Success and Innovation

Canon requires success. Its most notable camera, the Canon EOS R8, debuted over a year ago. However, signs of revitalization are appearing in the EOS R series. In the interim, competitors have launched outstanding full-frame cameras, including the Sony A9 III, the retro Nikon Zf, and the versatile Nikon Z8. Leica has also entered the fray with the full-frame Leica Q3 premium compact camera, offering stiff competition to the Fujifilm X100VI.

Canon must unveil something remarkable to stay competitive. The EOS R5 Mark II and EOS R1 could be the answer. The original EOS R5 debuted in July 2020, making an update long overdue. A successor boasting a stacked sensor design, ideal for fast burst speeds and 8K video, at a similar price point, could be a hit.

Enthusiasts have eagerly awaited the Canon EOS R1 flagship for years, with rumors circulating since 2020. With the 2024 Paris Olympic Games approaching, the pro sports camera, akin to the Canon EOS 1D X Mark III DSLR, may finally be nearing its reveal.

Opening the EOS R lens mount to third-party manufacturers could further bolster Canon’s position in the fiercely competitive full-frame market.

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