Samsung Faces Inaugural Strike: NSEU Calls for Protest

Samsung Electronics faces its inaugural strike as the National Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU) calls for a one-day protest, marking a historic milestone in the company’s journey.

Representing over one-fifth of Samsung’s workforce, approximately 28,000 employees, the NSEU has scheduled a unified one-day protest on June 7, urging members to utilize their paid leave.

Notably, the NSEU issued a stern warning, hinting at the possibility of escalating the protest to a full-scale strike if their demands remain unaddressed by management.

During a live-streamed press conference, union representatives unveil the strike plan, voicing frustration over stalled negotiations with management ongoing since the year’s commencement.

Expressing resolve, a union spokesperson declares, “We cannot tolerate further persecution against labor unions; thus, we announce this strike in response to the company’s neglect of its labor force.”

Samsung Faces Inaugural Strike: NSEU Calls for Protest

The Union’s demands include a 6.5% pay raise and a linkage of bonuses to company earnings, echoing concerns amid Samsung’s recent quarterly report indicating significant revenue and operating profit growth.

In response, Samsung proposes a 5.1% wage increase, deemed inadequate by the union, setting the stage for potential escalation.

The looming strike poses substantial risks for Samsung, a global leader in memory chips, smartphones, and televisions, with potential disruptions threatening production levels and global supply chains.

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