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Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 Leaked Hands-On Video Reveals Larger Screen

A leaked hands-on video of the rumored Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 fitness tracker has surfaced online, providing a detailed glimpse of the device in gray and white variants. Shared by @WigettaGaming on social media (via SamMobile), the video showcases the Fit 3 both in a store display and worn on a wrist.

Highlighted in the video is the larger screen of the Fit 3, rumored to measure 1.61 inches, a significant increase from its predecessor’s 1.1 inches.

This revelation sparks discussions on the distinction between smartwatches and fitness trackers, with the Fit 3 bearing resemblance to an Apple Watch despite lacking third-party app support and advanced smartwatch features.

The imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 is hinted at by the wearables showcased in a retail-like setting, with boxes in the background. It’s already made appearances in crucial regulatory databases.

Leaks have also hinted at the official packaging and anticipated pricing, indicating a price point roughly double that of the Galaxy Fit 2.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 Leaked Hands-On Video Reveals Larger Screen

The long-awaited launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 comes after the introduction of its predecessor in September 2020. For a refresher, check out our Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 review.

Anticipated improvements include enhanced battery life, though the larger screen may impact this. Stay tuned for Samsung’s official announcement coming soon.

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