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Samsung Galaxy S24 Vivid Display Fix: Exciting News on the Horizon

If you’re disappointed by the Samsung Galaxy S24’s vivid display, there’s promising news ahead. According to a reliable leaker, Samsung is gearing up to address this issue with an upcoming update.

Initially, Samsung Spain defended the S24’s vivid display mode, claiming it was working as intended. However, recent reports suggest otherwise. Ice Universe, a reputable source, hinted at a forthcoming software update that will introduce a ‘vividness slider’ to the S24.

This slider, as depicted in a leaked screenshot, will be located below the white balance settings in the display menu. Adjusting the slider will allow users to enhance the colors, with one notch resembling the S23 Ultra and two notches akin to the S21 Ultra.

It appears Samsung deliberately toned down the vividness to provide a more natural viewing experience. However, they are now responding to user feedback by offering customization options. Soon, S24 owners can tweak the settings to emulate the punchy displays of previous models.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Vivid Display Fix: Exciting News on the Horizon

Is vivid-gate over?

Just days ago, Samsung defended changes to the S24’s display, claiming they improved accuracy and comfort. While the subdued look remains the default, Samsung appears poised to offer customization.

Our review praised the S24’s “excellent” display, though it lacks the sharpness of competitors. Nevertheless, it boasts a wider color gamut, particularly suitable for HDR10+ videos.

Samsung’s vivid mode, a staple for years, enhances display vibrancy. Stay tuned for updates on the rumored update.

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