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Samsung Launches Try Galaxy App for Android: Experience AI Features of Galaxy S24 Now!

Samsung actively promotes the AI features of the Galaxy S24. Now, they’ve launched the Try Galaxy app for Android, providing a chance for hesitant customers to experience their technology.

Previously exclusive to iOS, Try Galaxy now caters to Android users too, aiming to sway iPhone owners towards Samsung. The app doesn’t require a high-end device, just the latest version of Google Chrome. Through interactive tutorials, it simulates the Galaxy S24 experience, showcasing features like Live Translate and Chat Assist.

It’s worth mentioning that Try Galaxy isn’t on the Google Play Store. To install it, visit the official website and scan the QR code provided.

Installation Guide for Try Galaxy

To begin, navigate to the download page. Then, tap the three dots at the top right corner, scroll down, and choose “Install app.” The installation process will commence immediately and finish within seconds. Once completed, open Try Galaxy to start. Upon opening, you’ll be greeted with a simulated Galaxy S24 home screen.

Swipe right once more to access the AI features, conveniently located at the top. No additional downloads or content uploads are necessary; Samsung provides everything you need. Each selection includes a live video demonstration showcasing its functionality.

Samsung Launches Try Galaxy App for Android, Experience AI Features of Galaxy S24 Now!

Key Features

Try Galaxy offers five AI features. The first, Circle to Search, allows quick access to Google Search results by circling objects on the screen. Activating it is simple: long-press the home button and draw a circle.

The second feature, Live Translate, provides real-time language translation during phone calls, supported by on-screen text transcripts. It supports 13 languages, including Simplified Chinese, German, Russian, and Spanish.

Note Assist, the third feature, summarizes and organizes content from the Samsung Notes app, checking spelling and adding headers for clarity.

Chat Assist, the fourth feature, can rewrite text messages to suit various tones, supporting 13 languages like Live Translate.

Lastly, Photo Assist enhances images by removing objects or unwanted reflections, similar to Google’s Magic Eraser.

Additional features showcased on the homepage, like Nightography, highlight the capabilities of the Galaxy S24 camera.

Overall, Try Galaxy offers a glimpse into the integrated AI magic of the Galaxy S24. To experience it fully, purchasing a Galaxy S24 is necessary.

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