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Samsung S90D Unveiled at CES 2024: Navigating the Chaos of New Sizes and Technologies

CES 2024 brought the much-anticipated unveiling of Samsung’s S90D, the successor to the QD-OLED Samsung S90C, our 2023 TV of the year. Amid expectations of a 20% brightness boost, Samsung surprised us with not just the anticipated sizes but also introduced new 42-inch and 48-inch versions, both using regular OLED (W-OLED) technology.

Previously, the industry assumed there wouldn’t be any new sizes for QD-OLED TV screens in 2023. However, Samsung’s move has made the S90D lineup chaotic and challenging to recommend without significant caveats.

For context, W-OLED screens, commonly used in top OLED TVs, were exclusively manufactured by LG. Samsung introduced QD-OLED, a distinct approach promising enhanced brightness and a broader color range than W-OLED. Initially, QD-OLED had a shaky start, but last year’s models, like the S90C, outshone competitors like the LG C3 OLED TV.

Here’s where it gets complicated: QD-OLED screens were limited to 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch sizes. In an attempt to offer larger TVs, Samsung utilized LG’s W-OLED panels for an 83-inch version of the S90C, resulting in performance variations compared to its smaller counterparts.

Samsung S90D Unveiled at CES 2024: Navigating the Chaos of New Sizes and Technologies

W-OLED screens

With the S90D, Samsung introduces two more W-OLED screens to the mix, making the lineup even more confusing. The table below clarifies the S90D sizes and their corresponding panel types:

SizePanel Type
55-inchQD-OLED 2nd gen
65-inchQD-OLED 2nd gen
77-inchQD-OLED 2nd gen

Navigating through the various sizes and panel types requires careful consideration for potential buyers.

This isn’t just an academic difference; last year’s QD-OLED S90C models were over 30% brighter than LG C3’s W-OLED counterparts. Now, Samsung cranks up the brightness of the S90D by an additional 20%!

It’s unclear if Samsung tweaked the W-OLED models’ brightness compared to last year, mirroring LG’s impressive improvements in the C4. This creates a potential performance gap in the S90D, depending on the model you choose.

At CES 2024, the 65-inch S90D is confirmed QD-OLED, adding another layer to the complexity of TV choices. I find this trend perplexing, complicating an already confusing TV landscape.

Presumably, Samsung aims to make the S90D a robust competitor against the LG C4, matching sizes across the board. However, I believe they should’ve assigned a distinct name, like the S8Samsung S90D Unveiled at CES 2024: Navigating the Chaos of New Sizes and Technologies5D, for the W-OLED screens, creating clarity in their lineup.

The availability of these new S90D sizes might vary by country, with only the 48-inch confirmed for the UK. Pricing and exact release date remain uncertain, but I anticipate a March or April launch based on Samsung’s previous release patterns.

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