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Samsung’s XR Headset: Anticipated Launch and Features

Speculation about Samsung’s smart glasses has circulated for years, but the wait for a tangible device may be ending soon. Samsung recently filed a trademark for “Samsung Glasses” in the UK, according to UploadVR (via Android Central).

The filing details various categories the product encompasses, such as virtual reality headsets, augmented reality headsets, headphones, smartphones, and smart glasses, covering a broad spectrum of technologies.

Virtual reality (VR) entails immersive digital experiences, while augmented reality (AR) overlays digital graphics onto the real world. Mixed reality (MR) enhances AR by enabling interaction between digital and real elements. Extended reality (XR) encompasses VR, AR, and MR.

The specific category for Samsung Glasses is yet to be revealed, but Samsung is actively developing multiple products with these technologies, building on its previous contributions to the Samsung Gear VR.

Samsung's XR Headset: Anticipated Launch and Features

Anticipated Developments

Samsung has officially acknowledged an upcoming XR headset set to compete with the Apple Vision Pro. However, its release is projected for late 2024, allowing time for refining features, notably display sharpness.

Despite the term “glasses,” speculation arises regarding whether Samsung is developing AR specs. Previous hints suggest this possibility, although Samsung has not confirmed it.

Alternatively, the reference to “glasses” may indicate simpler smart glasses, capable of photography, and video recording, and featuring an onboard smart assistant. For a recent entry in this category, check out Meta’s Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses review.

Presently, the specifics remain unclear, but signs point to Samsung unveiling a wearable device for your face. The anticipated launch aligns with the Samsung Galaxy S24 phone event in January.

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