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Spotify Developing Remixing Tools: Insider Report & Upcoming Launch

Spotify is allegedly developing remixing tools for its streaming platform, offering users a means to reinterpret their preferred tracks.

The report originates from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), whose sources claim individuals will have the capability to “accelerate, merge, and otherwise revise songs” as desired. According to the article, one of the supposed additions includes a playback function enabling control over the speed of a track. Upon completing a remix, you can subsequently distribute it to other Spotify users, excluding third-party platforms or social media. Licensing agreements are in effect to deter people from sharing their creations.

The availability of these tools will vary depending on your Spotify subscription type. The “fundamental features” like speed adjustment will be included in the basic package; however, the “advanced song alteration features” will be accessible through the company’s long-speculated Supremium level.

Upcoming Launch

Reddit user Hypixely uncovered several lines of code on the Spotify subreddit, indicating the company’s intention to introduce the remix patch as the “Music Pro” extension. Additionally, the accompanying text discusses the arrival of lossless audio on the platform, possibly referring to Supremium. While the name of the plan remains unspecified, the context provides clues. The mention of lossless alongside the remix update might suggest an imminent release for both, though it could still be some time before either becomes available.

As per The Wall Street Journal, the platform is presently negotiating the details with music rights holders. Development is in its initial phases, but once everything is finalized, it could revolutionize the way we experience music.

Opinion: when they outshine you

Arguably, some of the more favored renditions of songs are remixes. Fan reinterpretations have the potential to change the essence of the original and can even act as an introduction to a new audience. As highlighted by the WSJ, individuals enjoy adding their distinct touches to a classic or modifying them for dance challenges or memes. Such content serves as an effective means of discovering new music. How frequently do you encounter individuals in the comments section seeking the origin of a song or movie or anything else? It’s quite commonplace.

Despite the greatness of fan remixes, they seem to have become somewhat problematic. Musicians and labels do not receive compensation for content utilizing their work. The WSJ notes how an “accelerated rendition” of the song “Somewhere Only We Know” by the rock band Keane has garnered over 33 million streams on Spotify. Record executives observe this trend and compel these platforms to take action.

Various solutions exist for this issue. Spotify has opted for the approach of “if you can’t defeat them, join them.” It’s a mutually beneficial situation for all parties involved. Instead of prohibiting the content, the company has decided to embrace the remixes. This allows for creative expression while ensuring artists receive compensation.

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