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Following the rise of Spotify Daylist and its short video features, users have discovered another addition – quick album previews. This feature simplifies album listening, offering a condensed experience.

Displayed as a short video feed, it allows vertical scrolling through albums in chronological order. You can find it on an artist’s profile page and most albums on Spotify. Look for it under the album cover, near the download icon.

Accompanying the looped Canvas visual, a 30-second snippet of each song plays with up to three hashtags indicating the song’s vibe and genre. It appears Spotify aims for a snappy, TikTok-like experience.

Although Spotify hasn’t officially announced it, many users, including ourselves, have spotted this feature. It seems to be in testing on selected accounts, with varying experiences reported on platforms like r/truespotify.

The availability of the feature differs among users. While some can access it for albums, singles, and artist profiles, others can only find it in the latter. Details such as testing regions, compatible operating systems, and the rollout schedule remain unknown.

Stay tuned for updates as we await official word from Spotify.

Spotify Introduces Quick Album Previews: A Game-Changer for Music Lovers?

Is this the album’s farewell?

Recently, I stumbled upon a new feature on Spotify, initially dismissing it as another TikTok-inspired move. However, diving into it revealed both its advantages and drawbacks.

Undoubtedly, the preview feature saves considerable time in album listening. In today’s streaming era, it’s tempting to skip around, sampling tracks before committing.

For those averse to full album listens, this feature offers a swift way to gauge album enjoyment.

However, traditional album enthusiasts may find this trend less appealing. As someone who cherishes full album experiences, I hope Spotify doesn’t make this the norm.

Thirty seconds hardly showcase a song’s full essence, lacking the transitions between tracks. This trend risks hasty music judgments.

Yet, I remain open to the feature. While I’d prefer Spotify focus on audio quality over TikTok elements, this addition may cater to many Spotify users.

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