US & Singapore Dismantle Largest Botnet | Admin Arrested

The US and Singapore governments dismantled “likely the world’s largest botnet ever” and arrested its admin.

911 S5 botnet hid cybercriminals’ identities for various schemes.

FBI Director, Christopher Wray confirmed the news, mentioning a joint operation with international partners.

Yunhe Wang, its admin, got arrested, assets seized, and sanctions imposed.

Hours later, the US sanctioned three individuals and three companies linked to 911 S5.

Individuals include Yunhe Wang, Jingping Liu, and Yanni Zheng, and companies Spicy Code, Tulip Biz, and Lily Suites.

They offered free VPN tools that infected devices with malware, integrating them into the botnet.

The botnet’s services were used for various cyber schemes, including bomb threats in the US.

It allegedly had over 19 million unique IPs, including 600,000 from the US.

Wang managed 150 servers, 76 leased from US providers, controlling infected devices and offering proxy IP access.

Wang allegedly made nearly $100 million from botnet access sales.

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