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Windows 10 Update: Resolving Search Function Issues

Revamping Search Functionality and Widget Stability

Windows 10 has rolled out a fresh optional update, aimed at resolving issues some users have been facing with the operating system’s search function.

The latest preview update for Windows 10 (KB5036979) has been released, and it includes enhancements to the search feature, as observed by Windows Latest.

Microsoft informs us that this update introduces modifications to Windows Search. The search function is now more dependable, and it’s simpler to locate an app once it’s installed. This update also provides a tailored app search experience.

As per Windows Latest, the search function has been inconsistent for some Windows 10 users, especially when attempting to swiftly launch an app. For instance, a search for the ‘Recycle Bin’ might not return the icon, but other functions instead.

There have been several reports on social media about erratic search experiences, like a Reddit post where Windows 10 failed to locate a frequently-used app.

In severe cases, the search function freezes and crashes, causing significant annoyance for this part of the user interface.

Windows 10 Update

Analysis: Patience is key

With the application of this update, such behavior should hopefully become a thing of the past. However, it’s important to note that this is currently just an optional update, so it’s still officially in the testing phase. This means there’s a small possibility that the fix may not be fully operational, or that the KB5036979 update could trigger unwanted side-effects elsewhere in Windows 10.

The most prudent course of action is to wait, allow early adopters to test this preview update, and install the final cumulative update when it’s released in May (on Patch Tuesday, which will be May 14).

At least we know that this improvement is on its way, so those who’ve been struggling with unreliable search results can anticipate that their difficulties should soon be resolved, or at least, they’ll encounter fewer hiccups in the search function.

In addition to this, Microsoft has also enhanced the reliability of widgets on the lock screen, offering a more “customized experience” and additional visuals, so these should also see overall improvements.

The downside to KB5036979? It introduces notifications about your Microsoft Account in the Start menu and Settings app, which will likely include various prompts to register for an account or to complete that process.

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