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Windows 11 24H2 Update: Unveiling Next-Gen Features and AI Enhancements for September Release

According to reliable Windows Central contributor Zac Bowden, Microsoft’s significant 2024 update will be Windows 11 24H2, slated for a September release. This update is anticipated to bring a multitude of features and foundational changes.

Contrary to launching Windows 12, Microsoft is opting for a 24H2 upgrade, a concept Bowden has previously asserted. The focus of the update is expected to heavily revolve around next-gen AI experiences for the AI-powered PCs Microsoft has been emphasizing.

Bowden emphasizes that the 2024 update will surpass its predecessor, 23H2, in scope. This major shift in direction will see the update built on a new Windows platform, introducing performance and security updates alongside new features.

With a particular emphasis on AI, Copilot is set to receive upgrades enhancing the Windows interface. These improvements will facilitate enhanced productivity in various aspects, including apps and search functionalities.

While Bowden doesn’t delve into specifics, he mentions a noteworthy addition: a Copilot timeline/history feature. This feature will enable users to locate any file, image, or app previously opened on their PC using AI. Essentially, it’s a history-based super-search, allowing more natural language-based requests.

Other anticipated features for 24H2 include ‘energy saver’ capabilities and AI-powered Snap Layouts, observed in test builds of Windows 11. Phone Link improvements, such as using a smartphone as a makeshift webcam for the PC, are also on the horizon. Overall, the testing phase in early channels is likely to showcase what users can expect from the upcoming update.

Windows 11 24H2 Update: Unveiling Next-Gen Features and AI Enhancements for September Release

Unraveling the Potential Shift to Windows 12 or Next-Gen Iteration in the 24H2 Update

In contemplating the future of Windows updates, some enthusiasts speculate whether this is the birth of Windows 12 or a next-gen iteration (perhaps Windows AI) instead of a mere 24H2 update for Windows 11. This speculation gains credence as it involves a new platform, Germanium, and aligns with the narrative of AI-infused PCs.

However, Bowden, a trusted source, dismisses the possibility of a full name change. He asserts that despite the extensive changes, it will likely be labeled the 24H2 update.

Microsoft might resist introducing Windows 12 to avoid fragmenting the user base with Windows 10, 11, and 12. Such fragmentation could confuse users and pose developmental challenges for Microsoft, especially considering the recent revival of fresh features for Windows 10, including the crucial Copilot.

Speculation abounds, and even Microsoft may not have settled on whether this will be a Windows 11 update or an entirely new next-gen Windows.

Bowden outlines the development timeline, projecting a theoretical release of the 24H2 update in September, though the actual release might occur later. A twist in the tale emerges as the Germanium platform, on which it’s built, is expected to be ready in April. Post-April, efforts will intensify to finalize the Windows 11 2024 Update. New AI PCs featuring 24H2 could potentially surface in July, but the upgrade for existing Windows 11 installations is earmarked for September at the earliest.

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